What We Believe New


1. Great Food

We help Denver explore and experience the wonderful world of cheese and artisan food products.  We love sharing and exploring the world of food with our guests. While we sell a variety of products, we are first and foremost a cheese shop. 

2. A Fun Shopping Experience

We believe food should be fun, not intimidating. We have a strict “no food snob” policy, and we work hard to create a fun and “safe” place for our guests to explore new products and tastes. 

3. Outstanding Service

Outstanding service is at our core.  We go the extra mile and deliver exceptional service to every guest.  After all, our guests are why we are there.  We believe our guests are people, not customers or transactions.  We also give great service to each other, our supplier partners and our employees as well. 

4. Celebrating the Artisans

We emphasize products made with traditional methods and in small batches. As former farmstead cheesemakers ourselves, we are passionate about telling the stories of the artisans who make the products we sell.

5. Great Place to Work.

 Enabling other cheese-passionate foodies to make a living doing what they love is a priority for us.  We value our employees and treat them with the same respect we show our guests. We know that we can’t deliver our commitment to outstanding service unless our staff is as happy as our guests.We compensate our staff competitively and are committed to their success. We seek opportunities for their personal and professional growth.  We like to have fun and make work fun.  

6. A Place to Learn

We practice the art of education without intimidation.  We help our guests become “cheese rock stars” and we pass on the stories behind and around our products. We are all students. No matter how much we know about our products, there is always more to learn, from each other, from the producers and from our guests.

7. A Community Resource

This is very important to us! We are a neighborhood shop, and we actively participate in improving life in our community.  We invest time, money, energy and information to make our neighborhood and city better.